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As a recognized leader in funeral service, Steed-Todd Funeral Home realizes the need for, and importance of, grief materials that help people deal with loss. In this spirit and with genuine concern for those we serve, we are committed to providing assistance, guidance and support through a life enhancing program entitled “Picking Up the Pieces” The entire program is underwritten, created, and made available at no charge, as a public service.

Committed to being of comfort to the living, Steed-Todd Funeral Home's goal has always been to be a sensitive care-giver with a deep responsibility to the community – ordained and destined to play a meaningful role in the continuum of care. It is with genuine concern for the well-being of anyone who has experienced a loss that we provide the assistance, guidance and support.

The entire “Picking Up the Pieces” program includes a series of non-denominational books and videotapes with helpful information and insights from nationally recognized experts on loss and grief. Subjects in the program include:

  • Working Through Your Grief
  • A Child's View of Grief
  • Someone you Love is Dying. How do You Cope?
  • Living With Grief After Sudden Loss
  • Handling Your Grief During the Holidays

Working Through Your Grief

Allows the viewer to watch a support group as they deal with their side range of emotions and feelings after the loss of loved ones. Viewers will take comfort in seeing that they are not alone in their emotions with the underlying message that grief is an individualized process and people respond to it on their own terms.

A Child's View of Grief

Allows adults to enter a child's world and observe how children, from youngsters to teenagers, respond to a loss. The interview format used in both the video and booklet teach the viewer and reader how to recognize and respect the child's response to loss at different ages. Also available is a booklet entitled Answers to a Child's Questions About Death.

Someone You Love is Dying, How Do You Cope?

Examines the phenomenon of “anticipatory grief” as it relates not only to the impending death of a loved one by terminal illness, but the gradual deterioration of that person and the loss of social and everyday activities. It shows the viewer how to ask a friend for greatly needed respite time as well as how to respond to the changing needs of the dying person.

Living With Grief After Sudden Loss

Is a collection of personal comments and reactions of the survivors of sudden loss. It has been designed to take the viewer through the wide range of emotions that these survivors experienced immediately after the death. The attendant book is a collection of 18 essays from clergy and other professionals responding to loss from suicide, homicide, heart attack, stroke or accident.

Handling Your Grief During the Holidays

Is a pamphlet designed to help survivors of a death cope during the holiday season.

Death of a Pet

While not a part of the “Picking up the Pieces” Program, Death of a Pet is a booklet we offer that was written to provide answers in brief form to the most common questions that arise when a pet is lost by death or disappearance, or through the need to remove the pet from the household.

For copies of the books, tapes and booklets, please call us, come by or email us your request.


Floyd Bradley
Born: 7/15/1945
Died: 4/23/2017
Russell Whitehead
Born: 5/9/1968
Died: 4/22/2017
David Lopez
Born: 6/11/1973
Died: 4/20/2017
David Holman
Born: 2/11/1952
Died: 4/20/2017
Norma Jetton
Born: 7/29/1927
Died: 4/19/2017
Charles Sorgen Jr
Born: 10/2/1939
Died: 4/18/2017
Timoteo Madrid
Born: 4/28/1931
Died: 4/16/2017
Joyce DeVaney
Born: 8/1/1940
Died: 4/14/2017
George Milburn
Born: 10/2/1937
Died: 4/13/2017

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